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A Numbers Quiz

This weeks quiz has a Decades Music Round with hits from the 60's 70's 80's and 90's. There is a section where all the answers are numbers and the usual Quickfire Round. Results:- 1st Scrambled Egg Heads 60 pts 2nd Misfits 59 pts 3rd The Infamous five 56 pts

Valentines Quiz Night

Venue - Strawberry Gardens This week is all about Love, to celebrate Valentines day. With Quickfire and General Knowledge Rounds. Play Your Cards Right Jackpot will be over £100 No Winner on play your cards right so £113 will roll over until next week. ​Quiz Results: 1st Place :- Secret Seven 62 Points 2nd Place :- Were Baaaaack 59 Points 3rd Place ;- Three Amigos 54 1/2 Points. ​Special mention to the: Offerton Egg Heads for the dancing - nice moves guys!


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