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Captains Drive

I am pleased to say I was back at one of my favourite venues on Saturday 24th March for The Captains Drive Social Evening at Werneth Golf Club. The evening started with the guests having a fantastic meal whilst watching and listing to background video music, by the time the coffee had been served it had turned into a sing a long! Once the meal had finished we had a full night of dancing with songs from the 50's 60's 70' and 80's. The night finished with a full dance floor singing and dancing to old blue eye's New York New York. I would like to say a big thank you to the Captain, Lady Captain, Fiona and all the staff for a great night. See you all soon

Companies and Products

Thursday night at The Rising Sun is quiz night ! This week will you be able to work what the companies or products are? Are you good with numbers? or Words? Confused ?? you will be !! The free to enter quiz comes fully loaded with great music, great questions and free supper !! Starts at 8.30 pm .. Don't be late! Scores will be posted later.. _______________________________________________________ 1st 2nd 3rd


With it being Easter I thought why not do an Easter Quiz, so this weeks quiz at The Strawberry Gardens will be have a specialist round all about DISNEY !! The free to enter quiz will begin at it's new time of 8.30 pm. The music round is all about Red White or Blue and of course there will be the usual Quickfire and General Knowledge rounds Scores will be posted here later. Pete ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Results 1st Broken Brain Cells 73 Points 2nd Infamous Five 65 Points 3rd Gobshites 64 Points

It's Only Words

This weeks Strawberry Gardens Quiz Night will have specialist round entitled "Its Only Words" now what could that mean ?? ;) Music Round will not be words but we will be looking for numbers confused? Quickfire and General Knowledge rounds will complete the quiz. There is free food at half time ( Collett's Famous Chip Butties ) and a chance to win cash in Play Your Cards Right This week (for the final time) will start at 9 pm - see you tonight :) _______________________________________________________ WOW - it was close tonight ! Results :- 4th Place:- The Infamous Five 60 Points The Misfits 60 Points 3rd Place Back To Five 62 Points 2nd Place Scrambled Egg Heads 63 Points Winners (After Tie

2017 The Year In Review

Results added The Rising Sun Quiz this week will have a review of 2017, only last year but how much can you remember? The Music round is entitled "Its In The Music" a series of questions about the music being played. The General Knowledge Round will consist of topical questions and a Name That Tune Lyric Question and to end it all we will have our Quickfire Round. So you think your smart enough. A £25.00 drinks voucher is up for grabs PLUS you get free food just for taking part !! It all starts at 8.30 on Thursday Night look forward to seeing you all. The Rising Sun 2 Buxton Road Hazel Grove Stockport _______________________________________________________ RESULTS 1st Place:- Offerton Egghe

Living by numbers

The 1.21 Gigawat quiz makes it's debut at The Rising Sun Hazel Grove Tonight from 8.30 pm. The quiz will consist of of a specialist round where all the answers will be numbers. There will be a through the decades music round, Quickfire and General Knowledge Rounds. The Quiz is free to enter and will challenge you brain, results will be published later.. see you there ! The Rising Sun 2 Buxton Road Hazel Grove Stockport _______________________________________________________ Results:- 1st Place: Lets Get Quizzical - 56 points 2nd Place: For Kin Elle - 48 Points 3rd Place: #Granny - 43 Points Lets get quizzical wins the first 1.21 Gigawat Quiz at the Rising Sun - Well Played Guys.. Same Time N

Movie Star

Tonight's Quiz at The Strawberry Gardens Offerton Stockport will have a specialist round on Movies ( or as we Brits like to say Films) The Picture round is all about European Countries and the Music Round is a decades one with Music from the 60's 70's 80's and 90's. The usual general knowledge round and a quickfire to finish this should really make your brain hurt ! See you all at 9 pm BUT remember starting March 29th the quiz will move to 8.30 pm ____________________________________________________ Really busy night with a full house for the movie quiz - the results as follows:- Results: March 14th 2018 1st Place : Broken Brain Cells - 66.5 Points 2nd Place : Infamous Five - 63 Points 3rd

Gig Annoucement

Nelson Tavern (opposite Stockport Town Hall) Saturday 17th March from 8 pm A retro night of classic 60's 70's 80's Soul Motown and Pop. Plus a Northern soul section. Full video Disco As this is also St Patricks Night we of course will play some Thin Lizzy, U2 and Nolan Sisters ... ha ha _______________________________________________________ I know I pick on u Pete But had an amazing night thank you X Lisa

The Rising Sun Format

The Rising Sun Hazel Grove Quiz Night will commence on the 15th March at 8.30 pm. This is a new venue for the 1.21 Gigawat Quiz and will be free to enter. The format will be as follows:- Picture Round, will be issued at the start of the quiz and can be kept until the last round. Round 1 - General Knowledge Round Round 2 - Specialist Round (This will change weekly) Round 3 - Music or Video Round Round 4 - Quickfire Round with a 30 second countdown clock All rounds will be displayed on screens apart from the Quickfire Prize for the winners

New Venue

Confirmed that the 1.21 Quiz will be making an appearance at Rising Sun Hazel Grove from the 15th March 2018


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