Quiz Nights

1.21 Gigawat Quiz

All quiz nights are produced to suit the venue.
They consist of four rounds, General Knowledge, Specialist Round, Music Round and a Quickfire Round.
The bespoke quiz includes current topics and it is embellished by a game of Play Your Cards Right therefore ensuring fun pack evening for your customers.
The ability we have to tailor any quiz event enables us to work with a range of clients such as: Privately owned venues, Major pub taverns, wine bars, night clubs, Restaurants, big/small businesses, Private parties and… Basically anyone who wants a top notch quiz night!

Quiz Nights Format

Hosted By Dj Pete Best with Scorekeeper Suzanne

The standard format quiz is designed to ensure everyone has fun. Ever been to a quiz when you can not hear the quiz master ?

The 1.21 Gigawat Quiz is produced with all questions (apart from the quickfire) to be displayed on screens.

The Night will start with a table top quiz in the form of a picture quiz or dingbats etc. This is kept until the end of the night.

Round 1  - General Knowledge

Round 2 - Specialist Round

Round 3 - Music / Video Round

Round 4 - Quickfire Round.

A Few minutes break between rounds and a 15 minute break between Round 2 and 3 

DJ Pete Best host's the Strawberry Gardens 84 Offerton Lane, SK2 5BS Stockport
Quiz Night every Wednesday from 9 pm and
The Rising Sun 2 Buxton Road Hazel Grove every Thursday Night

0161 264 1994

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