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Tonight's Quiz at The Strawberry Gardens Offerton Stockport will have a specialist round on Movies ( or as we Brits like to say Films)

The Picture round is all about European Countries and the Music Round is a decades one with Music from the 60's 70's 80's and 90's.

The usual general knowledge round and a quickfire to finish this should really make your brain hurt !

See you all at 9 pm BUT remember starting March 29th the quiz will move to 8.30 pm


Really busy night with a full house for the movie quiz - the results as follows:-

Results: March 14th 2018

1st Place : Broken Brain Cells - 66.5 Points

2nd Place : Infamous Five - 63 Points

3rd Place : The Newbies - 58 Points

Lewis Cramers Broken Nose - 58 Points

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