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Living by numbers

The 1.21 Gigawat quiz makes it's debut at The Rising Sun Hazel Grove Tonight from 8.30 pm. The quiz will consist of of a specialist round where all the answers will be numbers.

There will be a through the decades music round, Quickfire and General Knowledge Rounds.

The Quiz is free to enter and will challenge you brain, results will be published later.. see you there !

The Rising Sun

2 Buxton Road

Hazel Grove




1st Place: Lets Get Quizzical - 56 points

2nd Place: For Kin Elle - 48 Points

3rd Place: #Granny - 43 Points

Lets get quizzical wins the first 1.21 Gigawat Quiz at the Rising Sun - Well Played Guys.. Same Time Next Week

0161 264 1994

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